While there are a lot of campaigns against cigarette smoking has been going around in the world for many years, it still does not stop people from doing so. Some countries go to the extent as imposing higher taxes are imposed on cigarettes and the inclusion of scary pictures of how tremendously bad smoking is for the health on the box of the cigarettes since apparently government warning that cigarette smoking is bad for the health still do not cut it. Probably it prevented some from smoking cigarettes but, it has not dramatically decreased cigarette use.


The good thing now is that, there is an alternative for cigarettes and it is the electronic cigarette. Many people around the world has switched to the best e cig because basically, it is still like smoking cigarettes. It is meant to be a substitute to the regular smoking so in essence, you still get the same effect. The upside of using electronic cigarettes rather than using the regular ones is that, it is not as detrimental to the health because electronic cigarettes have far less chemicals than the regular ones. Another thing is that, you need not to look for a smoking area because electronic cigarettes is basically vaping and not smoking.


Another upside of using the best electronic cigarette is that, there is no smell. A major turn off on people who smoke the regular cigarettes is that, they smell like nicotine after a smoking session even if they use a strong perfume and after they rub external alcohol or hand lotion on their hands. With electronic cigarette, it is something that you can scratch off the list of your worries when you smoke. Also, when you use an electronic cigarette, you can save more money because it is relatively cheaper when you put everything into consideration.


The great thing about e-cigarettes also is that, you have a lot of options to choose from. They have a huge selection of flavors and even a huge selection of strength. You just have to know which one is the best fit to your taste. And, probably the best reason as to why e-cigarette is better than your regular cigarette is that, it does not stain your teeth. You would then avoid the dangers of having yellowish, unhealthy teeth that can be a major turn off to people you would be talking to. For more facts and info regarding electronic cigarettes, you can go to



Now, would you like to switch to electronic cigarettes?